Lockpicks and Locksmith Tools
Padlock Lockpicks Padlock Lockpicks
- Manufacturer's product description:
- There’re 4 in a set.
- Including 3 specs: 5 pins, 6 pins and 7 pins.
- This pick can be used to open padlock quickly,just like a using a key to open lock.



7 pin Tubular Lock Pick 7 pin Tubular Lock Pick
The 7 pin Tubular Lockpick is specially designed to open 7-pin tubular locks (most common in US).

-Duable Build
-Textured grip
-Comes with Carrying Case and Depth Key


Advanced Key Cutter Advanced Key Cutter
Manufactureres Description:
-This Advanced Key Cutter has been made of alloy with a structure of the turning between racks and gear. It can be used to cut flat keys directly.
-The key cutter is sharp and durable. While using, the No. 1-bit key can be cout out once, including (Auto keys, MOTO Keys, and even door keys).
-There is a graduation: 0.5-0.6 (mm) and centerline on the front; locksmiths will not need to use another tool when working.
-Portable, this advanced key cutter can be used anytime, anywhere. Save time with this key cutter.
-Specially designed with code, can duplicate keys easily.


Flashlight Flashlight
- Powered by Cree P4 XR-E emitter
- Takes both 1.5V and 3.6V AA/14500 batteries (accepted voltage: 0.8V ~ 4.2V)
- Glass lens and textured aluminum reflector cup
- Switch type: 1-mode reverse clicky
- Comes a carrying strap



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