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Advanced Key Cutter:

This high quality locksmith tool cuts keys so well they look like originals. Excellent quality. This advanced key cutter is worth every penny for those who duplicate keys on the road or own rentals. This advanced key cutter is also an excellent and inexpensive backup for an electric key cutter.

Manufactureres Description:
-This Advanced Key Cutter has been made of alloy with a structure of the turning between racks and gear. It can be used to cut flat keys directly.

-The key cutter is sharp and durable. While using, the No. 1-bit key can be cout out once, including (Auto keys, MOTO Keys, and even door keys).

-There is a graduation: 0.5-0.6 (mm) and centerline on the front; locksmiths will not need to use another tool when working.

-Portable, this advanced key cutter can be used anytime, anywhere. Save time with this key cutter.

-Specially designed with code, can duplicate keys easily.


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