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Lock Pick Sets:

LockShopOnline will offers a large array of lockpicks and locksmith tools. Feel free to compare our prices on lockpicks to those found on other locksmith supply sites. You will find the greatest deals and professional service right here at LockShopOnline. If you have any questions please refer to our Customer Service Section.

Each lock pick set found on LockShopOnline site has it's own "product page". Feel free to visit these pages for more information on the lockpicks you are browsing through.

Advanced Pick Set - 9 Piece Advanced Pick Set - 9 Piece

-Basic pick set
-Excellent Starter kit
-Includes tension wrench (not pictured)
-Free Shipping

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Double Sided Padlock Lockpicks Double Sided Padlock Lockpicks
- Manufacturer's product description:
- There’re 4 in a set.
- Including 3 specs: 5 pins, 6 pins and 7 pins.
- This pick can be used to open padlock quickly,just like a using a key to open lock.

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Jackknife Lock Pick Set Jackknife Lock Pick Set
Manufacturer's product descriptions:
- These picks are made of stainless steel.
- This set includes:
- 3 pcs hook picks (long, Middle and Small);
- 1 pcs automobile double-sided pick;
- 1 pcs tension wrench.
- All the picks and tension Wrench can be flipped back, it's very portable

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14 Piece Dimple Lockpick Set 14 Piece Dimple Lockpick Set

Manufacturers Description:
- This product is made of High quality armor plate.
- Including 13 tools for dimple locks, 1 quick-opener lockpick for dimple lock.
- This set of tools with different dimension and angle hook picks can be used to open various dimple locks.
- The handle is made of round pastern, with a good handle.
- This tool is made to use for a long time.

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KLOM 31 Piece Expert Lockpick Set KLOM 31 Piece Expert Lockpick Set

Manufacturer's product description:
- High qulity hook pickswith Soft- plastic handle.
- Including 4 tools for open Kaba locks
-13 single picks with different angles
-11 tools for opening Automobile locks, and equip 6 gear shafts

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7 pin Tubular Lock Pick 7 pin Tubular Lock Pick
The 7 pin Tubular Lockpick is specially designed to open 7-pin tubular locks (most common in US).

-Duable Build
-Textured grip
-Comes with Carrying Case and Depth Key

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Lockpick Sets: