Lockpicks and Locksmith Tools

EAGLE Manual Lockpick Gun:

This gun packs a solid "punch" that will really get the pins to move. A strong, heavy casing makes this lockpick gun very durable. This gun works with an upward motion (typical for most US locks) but can be flipped upside down to also work as a downard lockpick gun. Note: the bottom left picture represents what color this lockpick gun currently ships.

- Manufacturer's product description:
- Desgined to pick locks by pushing lock beads upward (therefore beads face down) -- this is for the most typical locks

- Can also pick locks by pushing beads downward if you simply flip the gun upside down.
- It has quick tighten and loosing nut, powerful rotor, big pendular extent.
- This gun can be used to open Pin Tumbler Locks, two-side-gear Auto Locks.


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