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Lock Picking

Lock Picking is defined as the process of manipulating the inner workings of a lock device without a key. The goal of manipulating the lock is usually to unlock it. Many locksmiths make this skill a professions, helping people who locked themselves into a tuff situation and have no key. A skilled locksmith is able to manipulate the security functions of a lock while preserving the lock's integrity. This way the key can be used later and the lock needn't be replaced.

The keyhole is the most vulnerable part of the lock. This is why combination locks were invented, to try and eliminate vulnerabilities.

While the art of lockpicking is commonly associated with thieves and burgurlars, it is actually much easier in almost all situations to open the lock by some other means than lock picks. Power tools such as drills, bolt cutters, hydraulic jacks and other tools like bump keys and shims are all a much quicker and easier method to gain entry into a lock. Lockpicking differentiates itself from these methods by having a goal to preserve the lock (not a high priority for criminals). It is safest to have strong safe locks on all doors and windows, paired with a security system for maximum preparedness.

There is a hobby called LockSport where people pick locks recreationaly.